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Personality Media is the only company that analyzes the celebrity market, to bring research through marketing knowledge.

Since October 2005, we have been advising advertisers and advertising agencies, on which celebrity to choose for their advertising and commercial activities; which celebrity suits best in order of the values that wants to transmit to their consumers.

Selecting celebrities for communication activities with commercial aims does need marketing research. You can’t choose them by intuition or chance.

From market research, Personality Media asks, gathers and classifies the opinion that consumers have about personalities, and then transforms the data into knowledge, tools and studies, for our clients to take the most appropriate decision.

From October 2005 and twice a year every year, Personality Media repeats its study in order to fully describe how personalities are perceived by Spanish consumers, getting to know their level of popularity and analyzing more than 18 image attributes and also advertising attributes.






Same personalities in different countries get different image profiles. Where?


We have COMPLETE and EXCLUSIVE data from over 4,500 personalities in order to professionalize ambassadors’ decisions, by asking more than 40,000 consumers opinion every 6 months since 2005.


Since November 2014 we replicate the same bussiness in Mexico. We ask every year over 20,000 consumers’ opinion to analyze the image of more than 1,300 personalities.


In 2016 we launched our first studio in Argentina measuring more than 865 personalities.

International Studies

More than 200 studies in more than 20 different countries, for clients from different sectors.

Great response capacity in the analysis and study of international personalities, being able to service advertisers, looking to know the personalities perception in specific countries of interest.


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